Twin Ports Warehouse & Storage is a large-scale commercial/industrial warehousing and storage facility located in Superior, Wisconsin at the head of the Great Lakes. Our strategic location is a nexus of land, water, and road transportation for regional industries (paper and other forest products, oil and gas pipelines, and construction) as well as a major North American transportation hub centered on the adjoining port cities of Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota.

Established in 2003 (also operated as Elkhorn Industries Inc.), Twin Ports Warehouse & Storage comprises a massive 90,000 square-foot warehouse complex surrounded by acres of hard surface exterior storage. We provide warehouse services and rental space for both long and short-term storage. Our secure facility features enclosed truck and rail delivery docks as well as barge and ship access. We maintain a fleet of heavy equipment for handling a variety of commodities: forklifts (including bale clamps and roll clamps) for moving both palletized and non-palletized shipments, a 70,000 lbs. lifting-capacity excavator, skid steers, backhoes, and grapples. From pulp to paper, pipes to plate steel, logs to loose aggregate, Twin Ports Warehouse & Storage has the space and expertise to facilitate the storage of a wide variety of materials or equipment.

In addition to storage, we also offer our customers expert logistical and transportation support. As a division of Jeff Foster Trucking Incorporated, we can facilitate the movement of shipments throughout the United States and Canada through our company or via any other mode or method of transport. From generating bills of lading to managing distribution, Twin Ports Warehouse & Storage is a full-service warehousing and freight management consultant.

Road, Sea
& Railway


The Twin Ports Warehouse & Storage facility features indoor truck docks and a diverse fleet of forklifts and other equipment for loading, or unloading over-the-road vans, tankers, or flatbeds.


Our waterfront location has a deep-water dock for barges or self-loading vessels and acres of outside storage for large equipment, packaged shipments, or loose commodities like aggregate or sand. The facility is located at the strategic port of Duluth-Superior—the largest, busiest, and furthest inland port in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway.


A rail spur passes through our warehouse building with enough clearance to accommodate double stack or high cube railcars. The enclosed rail docks facilitate secure, all-weather loading and unloading.


In addition to our storage operations, Twin Ports Warehouse & Storage offers cost-saving logistical services ranging from inventory management to transporting products or shipments wherever they are slated for distribution. We have our own trucking division for local, regional, or long haul delivery or we can facilitate the movement of shipments using whatever company or mode of transportation (road, rail or sea) is most desirable and cost effective for the customer. In addition, we have the equipment and expertise to transload products—for example, liquid commodities from rail tankers to tanker trucks. From A to Z, we will function as your personal freight agent: inspecting, counting and verifying all receptions, tracking and maintaining inventories and shipments, and arranging and managing shipment distributions. Twin Ports Warehouse & Storage offers much more than just a place to put your product, it’s where you can put your trust.


Featuring 90,000 square feet of inside storage (an expansion is underway to nearly double this capacity) and over ten acres of outside storage, the Twin Ports Warehouse & Storage facility can accommodate warehousing and long or short-term storage of goods and equipment of all shapes, sizes, and types. Although our warehouse is best suited for ambient (unheated) storage, arrangements can be made for products that require more temperate storage during the winter months.

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Our management team at Twin Ports Warehouse & Storage is eager to answer any questions about how our commercial/industrial warehousing and storage operation can best serve you. Whatever your need (long or short-term storage), whatever shipment, commodity or equipment you need to store, warehouse, or distribute, find out today what we can offer you:

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